The Best Online System Scan:

Here's a brilliant online computer checkup and diagnostics tool that can help you detect many common computer problems with simple fix-it tips! 

The tests will check out your PC to look for security risks, and performance problems. The test will need to use a small ActiveX utility that you need to load before starting the testing; it takes a second to download and and you're on your way to a faster PC in just a couple of minutes..

The full check-up will measure disk fragmentation..It will check all available system resources benchmarks the CPU, memory, analyzes device drivers, video, hard-disk, and Internet connection and will look for viruses and spyware in running software.. The analysis doesn't change any settings on your PC, and you'll be able to review their advice and tips before making any changes.

You can sign up for a free account or run the free tests without creating an account, Once you run the tests, you can post a link so the mechanics at there PC Pitstop Forums, and they will look at your PC to help solve tough problems. there always on hand to provide computer help, or you can email your test results link to the technical support staff or anyone you want, including friends.
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