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I have been using chat client programs for many years to communicate over the Internet. It has now become very popular and millions of people use it everyday and some 24-7. If your wondering how can i hack into any one's web cam without permission, this is not one of those articles. This article details the programs you don't have to hack or ask for permission to view them on cam! 

While text messaging via mobile phones remains the standard way of communicating, nowadays people prefer video conferencing because you can actually see and speak to your friends, families or complete strangers! Some instant messaging may be too hard to use or cost too much to use although some are more user friendly. To give you an idea of what to expect, Ive selected the most popular and free programs that I’ve used and those that may suit you better, depending on your specific needs.

Below is a list of all the free and most popular programs that I have used. You will be able to see, hear and talk to anyone in the world at anytime of the day!.

YAHOO – What I like about Yahoo is that it’s totally free and has a vast number of chat rooms encompassing many different topics. It also has excellent web-cam features where you can select small, medium and full screen cam views of as many cams as your PC or screen can handle. Your also able to have as many free email addresses as you want. Yahoo includes file and photo sharing facilities, and you can play games, have your own radio station or make free PC-to-PC calls. Anything goes at Yahoo. There’s no rules. You have to ask for permission to view someones webcam. Yahoo IM FREE DOWNLOAD

YaHeLite is a Yahoo Chat Client. Among others are mychat, Yaheh, Cheetachat,Yahzak and El33chat. If you don't like the main Yahoo interface, the YaHaLite may suit your needs. It’s free, and it will have different features. It has a much more complicated interface, but you will soon find your way around. You’ll soon discover its excellent security and other features that make Yahoo look old school! YaHeLite FREE

PALTALK -- A chat program and instant messaging as well as a very popular chat service with a large community that has millions of users. It has thousands of chat rooms on a vast range of topics geared toward all kinds of interests. You can create your own room. It has advanced video streaming, multi player games and music download facilities. With the free version you can only view other people’s cameras for about 10 seconds, but you’re still able to stream your video continuously for free. To get all the features it will costs about $40 a year. The program itself is relatively small and contains only a few megabytes. I get by fine with the free version. PALTALK .FREE DOWNLOAD. Free Trial! to view cams!

CAMFROG -- Chat is a nice, free chat service offering cam and audio chats that are hosted independently by the users. This is a place where it’s possible to view 90 percent of the cams available. You will need a web-cam to chat in most rooms and will be kicked out of some rooms if you don’t have a cam or if your face is not on camera. The camera viewing size is small, but you can pay to have larger cams and for the multi-view cam feature. You don't need a web-cam to use cam frog, but you will not be allowed in some of the rooms if you don't have one and it’s unlikely people will want to talk to you. Some rooms have their own rules, which you’ll see before entering. The cam software technology at cam-frog is very high. It offers fast streaming -- much faster than other messengers. Pro user can view up to a 100 cams at once, which costs about $50 that offers many more features, I love this service as it’s always nice to see whom your talking to...  Cam frog FREE DOWNLOAD
WINDOWS LIVE M.S.N, W.L.M. is another very popular messaging service, but it does not have any chat rooms anymore. But you can call PC-to-PC free, view friends’ web-cam and conference/video chat, share folders and files, off line messages, the best icons..The feature I like best is that you’re able to remotely access another PC and help a friend with his PC problems. Also, there are other clients available designed for Microsoft windows called Adium for Mac OS X and Trillion. Windows MSN FREE DOWNLOAD

EYEBALL CHAT -- Offers completely free video chat and messaging as well as text messaging for friends family and strangers. You share video messages, music and photos. It’s easy to use and allows you to simultaneously sign in to your other IM programs to view their status. The ability to video conference with more than one person is not supported, other than that its small, simple chat service. EYEBALL CHAT FREE DOWNLOAD

TRYFAST Messenger is another free chat, but it is not very popular as yet and the number of rooms is very limited, It’s a nice cozy place to hang out, and it has web-cam features. The cams can be full screened or and any size you want, You pay about $6 a month for the full features, which enable you to view many cams simultaneously with their live video streaming. It’s quite good, but the downside is it uses a lot of PC resources for such a small app. It has file transfer features. If you’re not on cam the owners of the room will boot you out, or even bar you, It offers simultaneous chats with users from MSN, AOL, Yahoo and ICQ in the same video chat session. TRYFAST FREE DOWNLOAD

SKYPE – Another good messenger service that allows you free calls PC-to-PC and an instant messaging service. Most features in Skype can be used for free, although you will have to pay for a few. There's useful options to find people with their search facility.Providing the person you are looking for has Skype or email address or name, you will be able to find them easily, You can search for a person’s specific age, sex or locality. Skype also offers free video conferencing and unlimited file sharing size. You can safely, cheaply and conveniently send money to your Skype contacts with its Send Money feature, There is a chat facility where you can join in certain topics or create your own for discussion. SKYPE.

Download what you think best or just download them all! Use these programs for their content, features and the features you like! We are all different and require different things. The programs are not all designed for specific persons. Each has its own little niche and style and its pros and cons. Sometimes I have used certain programs because there’s too many issues, such as technical problems I haven’t had time to fix!

Google talk is a chat client that I have not used! No web cam feature.
Pidgin is another great free service so people tell me!
Once you have experienced video chat and conferencing, communicating online will never be the same again!


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Voted Up and Useful thank you so much!

helen louise manning. THANKS! ITS JUST WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! :)

found this the other day. It's free. Really easy to use your webcam from anywhere.
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this makes a great appeal to the virtual peeping toms, and i admit being one myself!
Nice one!
want to see web cam of my wife without permission, want a software now

connected to the Camfrog central

Good list of software, thanks.
I use Brosix -
It has web cam and also other useful thinks like screen-shot - my favorite tool during the work hours.
Hi, great article. FWIW I agree with articler's comment . I have found G-Talk to be excellent so far.
Hi, your article is very informative!
I am using Google's G-Talk and it does has a web-cam function. Just go to >>settings >>chat... in Gmail!
Of course you'll have to install G-Talk first :)
I haven't used a camera yet, because I'm OK with the chat. But the best thing about G-Talk is, you can put it on your website and anyone can get to you right away.
And NO advertising, so it is very light...
Thanks for reading!
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hello every body what going there if any one wats u caht a hadsem guy to connect on this id.

i have downloaded camfrog chat but it always say server too busy even if i am not connected to internet please help me
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This really good for us video chat and conferencing newbies who are learning all the new ways to communicate online. Thanks!
very informative, thanks!
very informative. I never knew that there were a lot of them. Great read.

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