Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows Round Up

I was very excited when Google finally released there Chrome browser on Sept 2nd 2008 which Ive been testing. It's fast, has good features listed below, and has a good chance in competing with the popular browser such as Firefox, Opera & Internet Explorer. I look forward to its progress although i wont be abandoning any of my present browsers just yet!.
This page has everything you need to know about Google Chrome. Plus, Download Links, Download Installation Video to guide you through the process + Chrome Tips + Videos + Problems to expect + Chrome History and much more..

Download Google Chrome
What Is Google Chrome? Google Chrome is a "Browser" released on 2-9-08 by Google in "BETA" version. "BETA" is short for (Betaware), which is a software released for testing purposes allowing users to provide feedback on it's performance.. "Alpha" is short for (Alphaware) which is the stage of the building of software...Chrome is short for "Chromium" the name of the "Chrome project"..Read why Google created this browser in this comic style story adapted by Scott McLoud. Or View this video The story behind Google Chrome for more detailed geeky information.

Google Chrome features
A light, fast browser. One box for everything-New Tab page-Application shortcuts-Dynamic tabs-Crash control-Incognito mode-Safe browsing-Instant bookmarks-Importing settings-Simpler downloads + Watch the 10 Features of Google Chrome video. + Do you want to use multiple Google accounts in one browser? Then you can use Google Chrome to access two different Google accounts + these Google Chrome tips and tweaks.

Firefox Chrome add on: Chromifox, is a theme for Firefox 3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome web browser.

Will It work On My PC?
Yes, If your running Windows Vista/XP SP2: It is not available yet for Mac OS X or Linux..Chrome File size - 7520 kb - beta - Freeware.

How Can I Download Google Chrome?

Download Here. If you have no knowledge to download and install, then view this simple Step by Step Download & installation instructions Video

Google Chrome problems
While using Chrome, you will find some websites and applications don't work! and even possible crashes! which is not a problem unless your doing something important!- I have experienced problems editing this article, but like any BETA program it needs to be used to be improved! - For known issues see Here Or Visit the Chrome Forums or the Official Google Chrome Group for help.Contact Google Regarding any problems using Chrome to help make it better
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